MRCG Radio Nets


Schedule Updated 2021-04-27: AM voice net moved to Saturdays at 18:00 PDT.
Schedule Updated 2021-04-27: Clatternet RTTY moved to Saturdays at 17:00 PDT.

The MRCG hosts multiple radio nets for licensed amateur radio operators with an interest in surplus military radio equipment. We encourage use of actual military surplus gear on these nets, but it’s not mandatory. If you’re a licensed amateur radio operator with interest in military communications equipment, please feel free to join in even if you don’t have access to working military gear.

Our net starting times and operating bands vary due to seasonal changes in radio propagation, so check back here for updates if you have trouble finding us on the air. We’ll try to keep this page updated with our nominal starting times and frequencies. Nominal frequencies are also subject to minor unannounced adjustment to avoid interference from other operators. That’s all just part of the fun of operating on the HF bands!

Weekly AM Voice Net

This has been our longest-running net. Folks who like using vintage AM voice gear check in on Saturday evenings around sundown (for best 75m propagation along the west coast) to discuss, operate and enjoy old radios.

Net Start Time Saturdays, 18:00 PDT (Sundays, 01:00 UTC)
Net Frequency 3985 kHz +/- QRM
Mode AM

Clatternet: Our Weekly Radioteletype Net

This is the net for folks who love old mechanical teletypes!

We’ve selected operating parameters for best compatibility with the mix of equipment our members presently wish to use for RTTY, with particular allowances made for AN/PRC-47 transceivers which tune in fixed 1 kHz steps and use fixed AFSK tones at 1575/2425 Hz. We presently operate with 850 Hz wide shift, and we operate mark low (again, for compatibility with most AN/PRC-47 sets). That’s the opposite of the normal amateur radio convention, so you’ll need to fiddle with modem settings to copy our net. Some sets like the AN/GRC-46 will also need a (hopefully!) simple modification to reverse their transmit shift.

Net Start Time Saturdays, 17:00 PDT (Sundays, 00:00 UTC)
Nominal Channel Frequency 7087 kHz as indicated on AN/PRC-47
Mode RTTY, 850 Hz shift, MARK LOW, 5 bit, 45.45 baud
Actual Mark Frequency 7088.575 kHz (channel + 1575 Hz)
Actual Space Frequency 7089.425 kHz (channel + 2425 Hz)
Alternate Channel Frequencies 3587, 7087, 10137

Due to the tuning limitations of the AN/PRC-47, if we encounter excessive QRM we will temporarily move in 1 kHz steps. We also occasionally hop to alternate bands when the one we’ve been using stops cooperating. So, consider the alternate channel frequencies if you’re planning a new antenna.

Older VFO-tuned sets such as the AN/GRC-26D, AN/GRC-46, etc. will be especially tricky to tune to the net frequency. Zero-beat your transmitter frequency to the net control station! Getting this stuff working can be hard at first, but it gets easier, so don’t give up easily. We’ll help!