About MRCG


2014 MRCG T-shirt art by Wendell DowlingThis is place-holder text. It needs more work.

The West Coast Military Radio Collectors Group, AKA "MRCG", is an informal group of collectors of vintage military radio communications equipment. Most of us live near the west coast of the United States, but we have members from all over the world. All nice folks who are interested in military surplus radio equipment and related topics are welcome to hang out with us online, on the air, and in person. Licensed amateur radio operators will get to have the most fun by operating fascinating old radios on the air, but we also have many unlicensed members who simply love to collect military radios and associated hardware and learn about them.

There are no membership dues or formal application procedures for becoming a member of MRCG. We’re a very loosely-organized group of collectors, and we don’t even have much in the way of formal leadership.

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