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Updated 25 April 2018

The 23rd Annual MRCG meeting will be held on Friday, 4 May 2018 and Saturday, 5 May 2018 at the Estrella Warbirds Museum, located at 4251 Dry Creek Road in Paso Robles, CA.

Estrella Warbirds Museum Logo

As announced on the MRCG Mailing List last week, Camp San Luis Obispo (CSLO) command suddenly withdrew MRCG’s permission to use the NCO Club for our meeting as we had planned. Thanks to some very quick work by Steve Hudson KI6BSQ and John Castorina WB6AZP, we have reserved a new venue at the Estrella Warbirds Museum in nearby Paso Robles, CA!

Steve reports:

We have scheduled the use of the hall there from 0800 Friday, 4 May to 1200 noon Saturday, 5 May. There’s a camping area for "dry" camping and motorhomes are welcome. Exhibit setup will not happen until Friday at 0800. Reasonable antennas can be setup in the outdoor area near the hall and campground. Still need to confirm if early arrivals on Thursday can setup in the campground area. Exhibits will be in the hall so they can be secured at night. Cost is $25 per person. This includes $10 to the museum, good for both days (normally $12 per visit), and $15 to MRCG. A raffle ticket is included. There is a vintage ham station there, 80/40/20 meters, SSB and AM/CW – I’ll confirm we can use it.

Tech talks will be Friday afternoon. We’re still planning the swap meet and junk auction for Saturday morning.

Our normal operations we are used to from Camp SLO will need some modification, but this should be a great change in venue. Additional details will be worked out by next weekend.

Updates to follow!

Thanks to all who shared their ideas and looked into other venues. I appreciate this and the group’s desire to make this annual meet happen.

Here is an overview of the event venue (click the image for full resolution):

MRCG 2018 Event Map

MRCG 2018 Event Map

You can also download a PDF version of the map for offline viewing/printing, or view the map online via Google Maps.

Tom Murphy W6TOM has scouted the site and provided pictures of some of the facilities for us:

Steve has this to say about how we can operate at this new venue:

I think the best way to describe this year’s plan for the MRCG meet is to step though by day. New venue, Estrella Warbirds Museum, so new CONOPS and we’ll see how we can make improvements as we go! A map highlighting the areas of the museum described below will be available soon on the MRCG website. For now, you can see the museum site map via the following link: North is to the left of that map.

Please carefully read the following:

The museum will be open to the public as usual from 1000 – 1600. Please note that the suggested donation is $25. This includes $10 for the museum all access good for our entire event (normally $12 for the day) and $15 for MRCG. We will collect all funds and issue a museum visitor badge. MRCG reimburses the museum for all visitor badges issued so please keep them for the entire event!

Thursday, 3 May: ALL early arrivals must be there by 1600. Camping is available Thurs & Fri nights in the field east of the museum; motorhomes are welcome. No campfires allowed. Campers will access the camping area only through the museum main gate to control access as the museum is on airport property and has access to the taxiways. Restroom facilities will be available to campers in the Red Ball Express building across the taxiway from the camping area. There will be no equipment setup or drop off available as we do not have access to Thomson Hall until 0800 Friday.

Friday, 4 May: The main gate will open by 0800 – possibly earlier between 0700 – 0730. More updates on this later. Check-in will be through the side (south) door of Thomson Hall. Thomson Hall will be used for displays, lower power or self contained radios (limited ac capacity); talks will in the afternoon. The grass area on the north side of the hall can also be used and is also on the same limited hall ac circuit. Modest antennas and generators, for those having and wanting to bring them, can be used with caution for the public. We’re strongly encouraged to use the radio room on the north end of the museum (Brooks Building). We can set up our own equipment and use the museum antennas as well as use the radios at the museum. The area to the north of the Woodland Auto Display buildings can be used for setting up larger antennas and respective radios as long as it’s safe for the general public. Our operations in and around the museum must end in time for us to leave when the museum closes at 1600. Radios/equipment, except antennas should be secured in the hall or your vehicle before then.

Saturday, 5 May: Swap meet will start by 0800 – same note as above on the earlier gate times. Check-in will be at the alley connecting the parking lot to the area north of the Woodland Auto Display buildings. Vehicles can park in that area for both the swap meet and junk auction that will take place in the morning. Access to Thomson Hall will only be through the museum via the north door on Saturday. We have use of the museum until noon. Volunteers for cleanup starting at noon will be appreciated!

Thanks to all for the support.

Here is the Plan of the Day, which will also be posted at the check-in desk during the event:

MRCG 2018 Plan of the Day (156k PDF)

We’ll continue to update this post as more details are worked out.

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